First Episode of Life at a Mansion.

A Dime on Skylight
Director Igor the Mii
Writers Igor the Mii
Sophie the Otter
James the Animator
Date Aired June 4, 2015
Season Season 1
Previous Episode N/A
Next Episode Riskful Faith


Igor has Finished the Mansion, Sanae, James, John, Elijah, And Flaky arrive.



Igor: "I'm finally done with this Hotel!"

[Igor Realizes his Mistake.]

Igor: "Wait a secound, I MEAN MANSION!"

(James pulls up in a car.)

James: Hey-o!

Igor: "Hey James!"

[Sanae Arrives, Igor is Suprised.]

Sanae: "Nice Mansion!"

Igor: "Thanks." [Blushes]

[Elijah Arrives.]

Elijah: Say, that's what I expect. Well then! [Enters the mansion]

Igor: "Alright."

[Igor Enters the Mansion as well, So does Sanae.]

Sanae: "We got Everything we wanted?"

Igor: "Yeah."

Sanae: "Where i will sleep?"

Igor: "On the same Room as Me, Because you know, We're a couple!"

Sanae: "Oh yeah..."

Igor: "Also, I spent Overnight building this mansion...So got to sleep!"

[Igor walks all the way to his and Sanae's Room, lays in the bed and sleeps.]


[John Arrives at Mansion.]

John: "Where is Igor?"

Sanae: "He's Sleeping."

[Sophie, PB&J, and Preston show up]

Sophie: "Hello everyone!"

Jelly: "The fun won't be complete without us!"

Baby Butter: "Fun!"

Peanut: "Which room shall we take?"

Preston: "Let me guess, room 98?"

Sophie: "This isn't a hotel!"

[Igor Wakes up.]

[He walks downstairs.]

Igor: "Uh, Now confusing my mansion for a hotel is a Running gag?"

Sanae: "Igor! you woke up!"

Igor: "Yeah."

Sanae: "About the Running Gag, It's possible that it's a running gag now."

Peanut: "Preston, are you seriously joking? I think you are."

Preston: "Trust me, I'm just joking."

Jelly: "Alright, as long as you don't make that running gag go too far."

Preston: "RACE YA!" (Runs into the mansion)

Sophie: "Wait up, Preston! You are leaving us behind." (She and PB&J catch up)

Igor: "Are you Guys Hungry?"

Igor: [Goes to the Kitchen] "I'll make Pancakes!"

???: "Did you say Pancakes?"

[BLU Scout Appears.]

Igor: "Look, It's my good old' Pal! BLU Scout!"

[Igor Thinks.]

Igor: "Ummm..."

BLU Scout: "I love Pancakes! They're my favorite food!"

Igor: "I know!"

Preston: "What kind of pancakes? I hope the Popple of the namesake food arrived..."

Pancake Popple: (makes a cameo) "Just checkin' this p-p-perfect mansion." (Goes into ball form in leaves)

Jelly: "Baby Butter still has a plush of Pancake back in Lake Hoohaw when fighting against the Retro Crew."

Preston: "The Retro-who?"

Igor: "Preston, the Pancakes are Honey-Flavored. Because you're a bear."

Sanae: "Thanks, Captain Obvious."

Sophie: "You know, the Retro Crew!"

Preston: "Oh boy!"

Peanut: "Do my sisters and I get PB&J-flavored pancakes, Mr. Igor?"

Igor: "My Author wasn't expecting this, so yes. while i get chocolate pancakes for myself and sanae."

Igor: [Sighes] "I'm Done with the Honey Pancakes for Preston!"

Sanae: [Acesses "Life at a Mansion Wikia" on her Phone. She sees the page Yandere-Chan.]

Igor: "Uh?"

Sanae: "Who's Yandere-Chan?"

Igor: "A Character to Appear on the First Special."

Sanae: "But she is your new girlfriend?"

Igor: "What? No!"

(My Waifu is STILL Sanae)

Sanae: "Good to Hear."


Igor: "I'm Done with the PB&J-Flavored Pancakes!"

Sanae: "Okay..."

[Igor puts the Honey-Flavored Pancakes and The PB&J-Flavored Pancakes on the Table.]

Igor: [Yawns]


Igor: "I'm done with my Chocolate Pancakes!"

Sanae: "i thought they were mine too."

Igor: "They're yours too."

Sophie: "Dig in!"

Preston: "Who do ya think I am, a mole?" (Gobbles his pancakes)

Jelly: "Very funny." (Eats her pancake)

Peanut: "A Popples-quality joke, how original."

Sophie: "I hope Pancake Popple didn't hear that."

Pancake Popple: (makes a second cameo) "I did hear that!" (Goes into ball form and bounces away)

Baby Butter: "Huh?"

Preston: "Check this out!" (Burps the refrain of the Sylvanian Families (1987) theme song)

Sophie: "Uh, that's not manners."

Igor and Sanae: [Giggling]

Igor: "Wow!" [Eating his Pancake]

Sophie: "Whaddya mean wow, and why are you giggling?"

Igor: "I don't know."

Sanae: "Me Neither."

James: I've been kinda quiet, haven't I?

Igor: "Yes..."

Sanae: [Busy eating her Pancake]

Igor: "Oh Well..."

James: Sorry. I'm enjoying my pancake too much to speak.

Igor: "Okay then."

[After eating the Pancakes...]


Igor: "That was good!"

James: Mmm! Yeah, it was!

Igor: "So, What we do now?"

James: Do you have a hot tub? Let's relax in a hot tub!

Igor: "Okay?"