Flaky is a character from Life At A Mansion.

The Shy Popourine!
Gender Female
Sweetheart(s) Unknown, Possibly Flippy
Friends Sanae, And Sophie
Neutral Igor The Mii, Peanut Otter, Baby butter Otter, Etc
Enemies Mima, Narzin, Fliqpy, Disco Bear
Age 16 (Since HTF)

Apperance Time Edit

Flaky exits her red car, closes her door, enters through the gates, says where is everyone, and even introduces herself to someone, so she showed the most screen time in her enterance, later she says: "Why are you worried? Sanae?"

Trivia Edit

Flaky is the first character to break the fourth wall

Flaky is the only character to have a self entrance.

Flaky is the only character to act like herself from a show, Mostly.

She never appears in the specials.

Her sweetheart, Codyrulez123, appears usually in cameos