Jelly Otter is the 5-year-old sister of Peanut and Baby Butter Otter. She is from the Disney program, PB&J Otter.

Jelly Otter
Gender Female
Sweetheart(s) Hinted to be Munchy Beaver
Friends Peanut Otter

Baby Butter Otter Sophie the Otter

Igor the Mii



Neutral IA
Enemies Johnny Test

The Forgetful Repairman

Age 5


Jelly is an athletic tomboy who is imaginative and comes up with ideas that may be creative, but actually impossible. She is best friends with Pinch Raccoon, although they have polar opposite tastes (Pinch is a girly girl, Jelly is a tomboy).


  • Her favorite singer is Odella Otter.
  • In Joy for Toys, we find out that she purchased a Commander Casserole action figure and a Teen Titans playset.


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