A Series Created by Igor the Mii
Life at a Mansion

Main CharactersEdit

Igor, the person who built a hotel.

Elijah, One of Igor's Friends.

Sanae, Igor's Sweetheart.

Seasons (12 Seasons Overall)Edit

Season 1 (30 Episodes)Edit

Episode Plot Aired 
A Dime on Skylight Igor and Friends Build a Mansion and live on It. June 4th, 2015.
Riskful Faith Sanae Trips then Falls on the Stairs and breaks her Left Leg, as a result, Igor calls BLU Medic. TBA
The Magical Maple Leaf A mysterious maple leaf with a yet to be described power has fallen right in front of the mansion, and it has been inscribed with the names of 3 Maple Town characters: Patty Rabbit, Bobby Bear, and Fanny Fox. Once Sophie receives the leaf, the leaf makes Patty, Bobby, and Fanny appear from it like magic, which is its power. The gang welcomes the three to the mansion. TBA
Ink, Squid, and Inklings The Inklings from Splatoon arrive at mansion, however, they can't stop shooting ink everywhere! Igor builds a Paintball Area in response to it. TBA

List of Special EpisodesEdit

List of Special Episodes

Running GagsEdit

1.People Confusing the Mansion for a Hotel.

2.Dlaky tripping