Peanut Otter is the 7-year-old brother of Baby Butter and Jelly Otter. He is from the 1998 Disney animated series, PB&J Otter.

Peanut Otter
Gender Male
Sweetheart(s) Hinted to be Pinch Raccoon.
Friends Baby Butter Otter

Jelly Otter

Sophie the Otter Igor the Mii



Neutral IA
Enemies Johnny Test
Age 7 (as revealed in the PB&J Otter episode, Gotta Dance)


Peanut is considered to be the smart and funny one of the trio. He refuses to do the Noodle Dance, but ends up doing it anyway. He is also a fan of the Mallard Man comic book series.


  • His favorite TV program is Bucky Spacebeaver: The Animated Series, along with several 1980's cartoons he was introduced to by Sophie including The Get-Along Gang, Shirt Tales, Popples, The Wuzzles, Sylvanian Families, and Adventures of the Little Koala.