Preston Evergreen is an 8-year-old bear cub who is the son of Forrest and Honeysuckle Evergreen. He originally appeared in the 1987 DiC Cartoon Sylvanian Families. He is also Sophie the Otter's boyfriend. He would be voiced by Jacob Ewaniuk in the Life at a Mansion series, as his original actor, Michael Fantini, grew up.

Preston Evergreen
Preston Evergreen
Gender Male
Sweetheart(s) Sophie the Otter
Friends Rusty Wildwood

Grover Chestnut Bud Timbertop Peanut Otter Baby Butter Otter Jelly Otter

Igor the Mii



Neutral Buster Slydale (formerly an enemy)
Enemies Packbat


Age 8


Preston was born on March 7th in the Sylvanian Forest. He lived there all his life. In school, he is considered to be the class clown, which suggests his occasional jokes that he makes to Sophie and the others. At home, he usually helps his grandfather Ernest build inventions.


  • Preston's favorite food involves anything containing honey.
  • Preston, like Sophie, is actually diagnosed with a disorder, but at the age of 1 1/2. But he tries hard not to tell before it is revealed in Dr. Sophie is Here!.